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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Thai Green Chicken Casserole

My take on a Thai classic

I really fancied making a Thai green curry at home. In the supermarket I picked up the Thai green curry paste, the coconut milk and then went to choose some chicken. I was originally going to use diced chicken and make a traditional curry, however in the meats aisle I got chatting to a man who told me the joys of cooking a curry with chicken thighs as they are much more flavoursome. It got me thinking, I could do what he was suggesting and debone and skin the thighs, or I could leave them as they are and create a casserole with the skin becoming crispy and the thai green curry sauce enveloping these sumptuous meaty pieces. I was sold. I decided to throw some vegetables into the mix too. I chose mixed peppers, cabbage and red onion, as well as some bean sprouts for a difference of texture and colour.

When I started cooking, I decided to start cooking the chicken thighs first in a casserole dish, seasoned with salt and pepper, (about 25 minutes) until they had browned slightly and there were some delicious juices oozing out from under them.

Meanwhile, I heated some raw coconut oil in a hot pan, added the thai green curry paste and a couple of table spoons of coconut milk. I let these sizzle together for a few minutes releasing the most intense aromas. I then added the vegetables and coated them with the paste. I added the rest of the coconut milk  and allowed to simmer for a few minutes.

Now for the exciting part. I took the chicken out of the oven and added the beautifully colourful and sweet smelling vegetables and sauce into the casserole dish and stirred it all up, ensuring I was mixing the chicken juices in and fully coating the chicken with the sauce.

I placed the dish back in the oven for a further 25 minutes. When I took it out, the gorgeous smell and hot steam hit me immediately. I felt like I had created a masterpiece. Although, the proof is in the eating. Sitting down to eat it with; rice and quinoa, a dollop of creme fraiche and a complimentary juice I had made (using lime, mint, apple, cucumber and celery), it sent my taste buds into overdrive. It pays off to be a little adventurous…

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