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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tiramisu Cake Bites

Whether as a Dessert or to have for Afternoon Tea…

Last night at 9 o'clock, I randomly decided to do some baking (as you do). I am a massive coffee enthusiast (those of you who know me, know how true this fact is), I love everything about it; the smell, the taste… I also like Tiramisu, however I am not the biggest fan of boozy desserts, I prefer the coffee flavour to be the dominant one.

In the past, I have made tiramisu cheesecake and it was divine. I thought about making another, but I really fancied something cakey, so I thought about making a mini cake version of a non boozy tiramisu. After all, I had my stove top espresso maker and all the ingredients I would need.

Firstly I made a basic sponge mix*: (self raising flour, eggs, caster sugar, butter and baking powder). To this I added 3 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder and a shot of espresso (I had just made on the stove). I greased two baking trays (fairly shallow ones) and poured in a thin layer of the mixture into each. I baked these for a few minutes until they were springy to touch.

Using a cookie cutter I cut shapes out of the two thin cakes and placed the on two separate plates, one plate of the cake pieces I doused in another shot of espresso and left to soak, the other I left as they were so as to cool.

Meanwhile I poured 120g of double cream into my mixer and whisked on a high setting until peaks began to form, I then added 250g of mascarpone cheese and two heaped table spoons of icing sugar and continued to whisk for another minute or so. I then spooned the filling into two bowls. One bowl I left as it was, and to the other I added two heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder and mixed it in well.

After about 20 minutes of the cake pieces being soaked in the espresso, I was able to start constructing my Tiramisu Cake Bites. I started the layering process of a cake piece, followed by some of the original mascarpone/cream filling, then I placed a piece of espresso soaked cake in the middle and followed that with some of the chocolate mascarpone/cream filling, finally I placed a final cake piece on the top of my little tower.

These measurements made 12 little towers of coffee/chocolate goodness. Perfect for having people for afternoon tea, but also delicious as a dessert served with ice-cream (as pictured below with my particular favourite Häagen-Dazs flavour Pralines and Cream). It seems rather labour intensive, but in actual fact, it only took 40 minutes and I made them on a school night (baking: my way of relaxing after a long day of teaching!)

*You can use any sponge cake recipe.

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