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Friday, 5 June 2015

Hedgehog Bread Rolls

Isn't it so much more fun to eat fun food? The way something looks, and something having a cute or fun element, makes it taste better in my humble opinion. I decided a while ago to bring some fun to the age old staple of British food: THE BREAD ROLL...

I have made ordinary bread rolls using the ordinary ingredients: bread flour, water, yeast, salt sugar and butter.. But when shaping the rolls I turned them into little hedgehogs. With a pair of scissors I snipped incisions all along half of the roll in rows and then used seeds for the eyes and nose.

The were incredibly cute and tasted amazing!

You can try my Christmas variation also.. Reindeer Bread rolls which had cut out pieces of pitta bread for antlers and currants for eyes and noses: 

Bring some fun into your bread baking.. Try baking an animal roll, it's very satisfying!