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Monday, 27 July 2015

Three-Tiered Daisy Cake

I recently made my first ever three-tiered cake for a bridal shower of a friend/colleague of mine.

Firstly I made a large batch of victoria sponge mixture (enough to make a large, medium and small 2 layer cakes.) I then baked the cakes in batches and left them to cool on a wire rack. Whilst they were cooling I whipped 500ml of double cream and layered the cakes together with strawberry jam and whipped cream between each layer. When the structure of the cake was assembled, I thought it looked pretty messy… Luckily, icing hides a multitude of sins.

I didn’t actually have a plan of how exactly I wanted to decorate the cake, I only had instructions from the organiser of the bridal shower that it would be great if it fitted into the DAISY theme of the party. I used fondant icing: white, green and yellow. It was going to be pretty simple, a white cake with small daisies… But one thing led to another… And I ended up with a massive daisy top layer and more daisies and leaves on the remaining layers.

It turned out pretty well (despite its wackiness), especially as it was my first ever three-tiered cake.

And apparently it tasted pretty good too... 
The proof is always in the eating!